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July 28, 2016

Basic Tips for Dog Training Excellent dog training demands time and a good attitude. Besides, this is how you build a relationship with your beloved pet. Because you cannot communicate verbally, you can only count on non-verbal techniques to be able to teach them. As you go through the process, keep the following tips in mind: 1. Love your pet generously.
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Be sure to shower your dog with attention when he does the right thing. Let him know you know he’s been good. This is when an extra dose of praise and attention goes a long way. You can even go a bit over the top.
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2. Give treats your pet actually likes. A bag that says “All dogs love it!” isn’t always telling the truth. When it comes to food, some canines can be totally choosy, but most of them prefer treats that are soft and chewy instead of tough and crunchy. Observe what treats your pet enjoys. 3. Be clear about what you’d like him to do. If you tell your dog “no,” that’s perfectly fine, unless you don’t give him enough information. Rather than simply saying “no,” tell your pet what it is you expect him to do. Dogs aren’t very good with generalizing and you have to understand that. Provide an alternative. If he starts jumping up on a guest, instruct him to sit. This will avoid confusion. 4. Maintain consistency. In training a dog, all members of the family should be involved so that everyone is on the same page. If you say “go out” and your mom says “stay right there,” your dog will have no idea what to do. Training becomes a failure. Consistency is really the secret. 5. Be realistic. If you want to change existing behavior, you have to give it time. You should have realistic expectations about modifying your pet’s behavior and how long it will take for you to see results. Behaviors that are perceived to be “normal” for dogs – for example, barking or jumping – are going to take longer. 6. Give him reasonable freedom. A usual error that many pet owners make is being too liberal with their dogs, especially while they’re young. This can easily cause accidents related to housetraining and damaging chewing. Make unoccupied rooms off limits, and, if necessary, use baby gates for certain areas of the house. 7. Differentiate bribe from reward. Finally, with each interaction you have with your pet dog comes a learning opportunity; when you think about it, you probably don’t make use of food that much, except when you’re actively training.. So what’s making your dog continue to hang out? Because he gets touch, praise, walks and games as rewards. Remember, behavior should bring the treat, never otherwise.

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July 27, 2016

Effective Dog Grooming Tips Those people who own pets such as cats, dogs or ponies tend to groom them which is a trend nowadays. It is important for one to groom their dogs which is usually part of maintaining its cleanliness as well as hygiene. By grooming your pet dog, one is able to improve on its appearance as it is able to look more attractive and appealing to many. It has been proven for a fact that grooming your dog will help it last longer as you will be taking care of its well-being. What determines the method that one uses in grooming their dogs is the breed or age. Most dogs usually shed most of their fur profusely which is why they need to be groomed. A lot of knowledge and skills are required in order for one to groom their dog effectively. One should be aware of the dog’s health issues and the impact that various techniques of grooming have on its skin or fur. One should ensure that they take their dog to an animal hygienist or certified groomers who will provide high quality services. One is able to help prevent your dog from suffering from conditions such as thrushes, scratches, yeast infections and other skin infections that affect the dog. Regular grooming of your dog is part of maintaining general hygiene and cleanliness. This process helps to prevent parasites from getting on the dog’s skin which include ticks and fleas which cause them discomfort. One can also do the grooming themselves as long as they have the necessary tools for doing so. One should ensure they have a slicker brush with them especially for dogs with long coats. This is in order to remove any tangles on the dog’s coat and to prevent it from matting. However, the bristle brush is the most common brush that is used for all kinds of dogs in order to remove any foreign substances on its coat.
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Smoothing the dog’s coat involves one moving the brushes against the coat’s grain. Finer particles are removed by a bristle brush while the coarse ones are removed using a rubber brush. The dog’s coat can then be polished using a chamois which gives the coat a glossy look. Grooming can be done once or twice a week. One can brush the dog’s coat on a daily basis to prevent any tangles from appearing.
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By regularly grooming your dog, one will be able to know if the dog is suffering from any health problems. One should take their dogs to the vet to be checked once they find red spots or lumps on their stomach. Doing so will prevent the problem from becoming worse.